Wedding location #1

I finally got the chance to visit this location after seeing it online. The place is very Spanish looking, calm and just plain beautiful. Well seeing it online cannot compare it to seeing in person because it is AMAZING!!!! So pretty, nature-ly (is that a word?) and secluded. It’s perfect for a wedding. You can decide for yourself from the below pictures. Oh and I will divulge the place name if you decide to use my services. The only thing I can say is that it is in Orange County 😉

Entrance to the location.



There are so many great spots for photos.


Even I had to get in for a shot!


Here is the ceremony area…I can already imagine the flower decorations, chairs and the guests mingling around.



I really like the bridge where the bridal party will be walking from to the altar.


The bride’s quarter and outside so there is no need to go far to take pictures with the bridesmaids.



View of the cocktail area from the ceremony area.


Cocktail area…Love that there is a fountain and flowers around so no worries about decoration.



The reception area.


View of the ceremony area from the cocktail/reception area. The ceremony area is big enough for an outdoor wedding and turn the reception into a lounge so guests can relax.


There is a private zoo on location which is great for children and entertaining to guests.



Update on Yours Truly!

So It has been a little quiet lately after the weddings are over….It gives me plenty of time to visit locations, do some research online etc….Next Saturday, I will go visit a location in Orange County. I’ll post pictures so hang on to my next post. I won’t reveal the location unless you hire me…ha ha ha…Stay tuned!

Today is Memorial Day and all I have scheduled is to go watch a movie and go eat….Pretty mellow right?

Claudine and Gabe’s wedding 5.9.09

For Claudine and Gabe wedding, I wasn’t as stressed but there was still lots of things to take care of. Maybe because I already did Valerie wedding the week before so I was able to relax and enjoy this wedding more. I have to say that the coordinator at the Marriott hotel was very helpful too and Lily really was on top of things.

The hotel had a lot of events that day i.e Bar Mitzvah, prom, wedding etc….so I had to make sure that the previous event was completely done before the wedding can start. Vendors were very easy to work with and the photographer listened to my instructions….made my life smoother that way 🙂

I have attached the rings on the pillow so the photographer can take a picture of this memory for the couple.


The bride’s dress and shoes….isn’t it just dreamy?




I love how the red pops out in every picture. The flowers are just so beautiful.

pic (13)


Don’t you think the arch looks more sophisticated with the diamond drop?




I love the dropping diamonds. Check out the next picture for a closer look.


The groom’s boutonniere. I pinned all of the boutonniere for the groomsmen and parents. The boutonnieres need to stay put the whole wedding.


The place cards are simple and elegant. I had Lily (my assistant) sprinkle some flower petals on the table to stay with the red theme. I had to “borrow” some petals from the flower girl. 🙂


Party favors were placed at each table setting for guests.  Look how great the ribbon is, it says: Gabriel & Claudine. May 9th, 2009.


The gift table. Lily and I had to use a bell cart to load all the gifts and money box into the bride and groom’s suite.


The table settings. We placed a disposable camera on each table so guests could capture moments of the wedding.



I love the champagne glass shot with the lights twinkling in the back.


Look at the cake!!! I forgot what the flavor was on each layer. I just remember that the bottom layer was red velvet.



I sneaked out in the middle of the wedding to decorate the bride and groom’s suite.

pic (33)

pic (39)

pic (40)

pic (37)

To Claudine and Gabe: Thank you for letting me plan and coordinate your wedding. You guys were such an easy, breezy, beautiful bride and groom. I had a lot of fun! I wish you both many years of memories together and have lots of fun in your shared life. I love you both dearly. Now make sure to make me food when I come over!


Venue: Manhattan Beach Marriott

Hotel Coordinator: Michelle Quintero

Hair and Make-up: Ultra Lux Salon & Lounge

Cake: Torrance Bakery

DJ: California DJs

Florals: Cyndie Chu

Officiant: Steve Kehela

Photography: Unique Photography

Valerie and Khoi’s wedding 5.2.09

I know, I know…It’s been a while since I have blogged but I needed to make sure both weddings were done before I can start blogging.

Valerie and Khoi’s wedding went amazingly well. Apart from the cold weather, things went off as planned. I had the location put a batch behind the canopy to block the wind and heat lamps around the area. There were quite a few old people so I had to make sure to move the timeline along well…I even was 1 hr AHEAD of the timeline because it was cold and people wanted to leave early. Things were a little chaotic at first because guests were arriving very early and wanted to take pictures with the bride and groom but we were still taking bridal party pictures. Valerie wanted to hide of course because she didn’t want the guests to see her in her dress. Frankly, I can’t blame her.  The photographer really was annoying! He didn’t want to listen to my instructions!!!

Several damage control needed to be taken care of: 1. the caterer arrived late so we didn’t have the linen to put on the table to lay down the signature canvas and the bar tables; 2. I completely forgot to put the cameras on the tables for guests to take pictures but we caught it on time! Thanks to my amazing assistant Lily who was very quick on her feet to help me out or I would have never made it.

Being a planner is hectic especially before the ceremony because of the coordination of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. I had to make sure that Lily had everything under control before we could start the ceremony. Then, after the ceremony, I had to talk to the guests and greet them (part of my bridesmaid duty), in addition to looking out that the place cards were set and the table numbers were layed out appropriately. Some guests were lost and didn’t know where they were seating so it was my duty to seat them at the designated seat.

During the reception, Lily and I went to place the candy bar for the guests departure. In the midst of everything, I managed to help Valerie change into her other dress, make the round of tables, get the bride and groom to cut the cake and run to get their champagne glass filled for the toast. Pffuuiiii……I’m tired just listing everything.

And with no further delays, here below are photos of the wedding decorations.

The bride and the bridesmaids’ flowers. Colors were very soft and romantic.


Decoration for the tree area.


Tree for the picture area. The florist really did a great job!


The reception area. All the lanterns were hung about 1 hour before the ceremony starts.


About 30 min before the ceremony, we passed guests flower cones so they can throw at the bride and groom once they become man and wife. A few days before, the bride, her family and myself made the cones.


The ceremony arch decoration. I loved the flower balls!!!


The sign in table. Caterer was a little late so we didn’t have any linen until about 45 min before the ceremony.


The place cards table. Lily had to place them during the ceremony.


The sand signifying the unity of life between the bride and groom.


The place had to flip into the reception area after the ceremony so all guests mingled on a nearby area for hors d’oeuvres and drinks.


The table setting. Each table had a picture of the bride and groom with “I Love You” in different languages.


The Cake looked amazing and was very yummy.



Lily and I placed the candy bar during the wedding. Each candy had to be in its own vase. We were missing a vase at some point so I had to be creative and run around looking for a vase for the candy.



Khoi and Valerie….Thank you very much for letting me be part of your wedding day from being a bridesmaid to keeping up with my 10,000 emails a day (part of a wedding planner). I wish the both of you many years of happiness and am glad to have you Khoi as my cousin! Now go make babies!!! Love you both!


Venue: Puddingstone Resort San Dimas

Hair and Make-up: Platform Color Style Salon San Dimas

Cake: Givral Bakery

Florals: Cyndie Chu

Catering: Seafood Palace in Stanton

Officiant: Peter Otto

Photography and Videography: Unique Photography