Wedding season has started….

Sorry I haven’t blogged a lot lately but I’ve been preparing for wedding season. I am feverishly working on upcoming weddings. Starting this week, I will be attending or working on a wedding every month until December. I will make sure to post pictures for your enjoyment.

On top of all the craziness (which I absolutely love!), I am also working on my own wedding. Let’s see if I can pull my wedding on a budget but still make it fantabulous!!! It’s going to be a purple-ish wedding!

Below are some eye-candy from Kim Le, she’s a very talented photographer. I will be working with her in the July wedding. I can’t wait! Sooo excited!

Happy 1 year Anniversary Claudine and Gabe!

A week after on May 9th 2009, I had the pleasure to attend, be a bridesmaid and a wedding planner to a definitely fun and memorable wedding.

Happy 1 year Anniversary Claudine and Gabe! I trust you celebrated your 1 year with plenty of love to last you a lifetime of happiness.