Great Bridal Expo 2010

The Great Bridal Expo was at the Anaheim Convention. It was funny because there was also a cheerleading competition going on so it took me a while to figure out where the bridal show was. I felt like jumping, kicking and cheering seeing all the cheerleaders around 🙂 This is my last bridal show for now. I honestly think I’ve been to all the main ones in Orange County.

I’ve noticed that tall and humongous was the theme of weddings for flower arrangements. I think it just looks gorgeous!!!

Love the feathers!!! It really adds a nice touch to the floral arrangement.

These are great for wedding favors! Towels folded to make sweet goodies. Isn’t this just smart?

Cute!!! These are perfect caricatures of the bride and groom for cake toppers!

I really enjoyed the bridal fashion show here. It was by far the best one of all the bridal shows I’ve been this year. Instead of posting all of the photos, I will only post the dresses I liked best! Most of the dresses I like has a puffiness and layers at the bottom 🙂

Soooo dreamy….*sigh* like a princess…

This is MY favorite dress of the show!!!

I liked this bridesmaid dress…picture is not doing it any justice.

Expo Bridal 2010

This bridal show was in Newport Beach. It was much more smaller than the other 2 I went previously. This time I am also posting photos of the wedding gown fashion show. My mom went with me and she enjoyed it. My mother is a big supporter of my wedding planner business, she really is cool 🙂 I have 1 more bridal show to go in March and it is a big one since it is at the Anaheim convention. Here are some photos from today’s bridal show.

Lights do make a difference to the atmosphere of a wedding. It is definitely something to think about for a couple but not a necessity if budget does not permit.

I had to sneak a fountain photo for my pleasure!

Wedding gown fashion show….I was not in love with several gowns but that’s just me 🙂

My mom was so funny…when this gown came out, she said: “what is this??? That’s not a wedding gown! That’s a night gown!” Ha ha ha…gotta love her!

OC Bridal Show 2010

My second bridal show of the year (there are more to come)!!! My cousin, Valerie, came with me and we had a really good time. Like last time, I took a lot of flower pictures. I think flowers give an “oomph” to a wedding and it makes things fresh, elegant and colorful. Besides, what else was I going to document my visit to bridal shows otherwise? I highly recommend brides-to-be to go to bridal shows. Many vendors give discount which in turn helps in keeping with the budget.

Wedding invitations.

Centerpieces and bouquets.

ugh I look like a blown up balloon….but it’s ok…at least the bouquet was pretty!

Love the feathers!!!

Bride World Expo 2010

I know this is a little overdue but….MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 everyone!!!!

This year I hope will be the turning point for me to make a lot of brides happy with my services. I will be going to several bridal show this year to familiarize myself more with vendors.

The first show of the year that I attended was the Bride World Expo. My experience at a bridal show was the bomb!!! I had lots of fun and got a lot…I mean a lot of brochures from various vendors. I also had the chance to network and promote my name out there. I’m hoping in the future to be able to have a booth at a bridal show. If I do, make sure you come out to support!!! I took a lot of flower pictures because they were the ones that got me most attracted to. The next show I’m going to, I’ll make sure to take more pictures so you can also experience it with me.

I’m really into branches with dangling flowers or diamonds. I think it’s so classy and modern. The one below will be very good for a Hawaiian theme wedding 🙂

Centerpiece for a summer wedding….so vibrant with red colors.

I took this picture because I thought….this would look amazing as a centerpiece for a winter wonderland wedding!

OK so this centerpiece is SOOOOOOOO going to end up at MY wedding. It’s purple and silver…couldn’t be more perfect!

Autumn wedding centerpiece…orange, red, pink….awwww…..soooo pretty!!!

A springy centerpiece with green accent flowers.

I just like the big blob of flower 🙂

The wedding dress section….I was amazed with the dresses price…I saw some at $100!!!!

Surrounded with all these beautiful flowers, you know I had to put my face in there somehow!