“Eric and I can’t thank you enough for all that you did on our wedding day. Everything turned out amazing!! I’m sure I was a bit much throughout the planning process =) because I’m OCD like that, but you did an amazing job at executing my vision, if not made it even more beautiful! It’s amazing to see something that you’ve planned and envisioned for over a year come to life. The ceremony, the cake, the candles, and the ballroom took my breath away! You and Annh went above and beyond my expectations and made our wedding day so much more enjoyable! I can’t imagine how differently the day would have been if we were to have not hired you. Because of you and Annh, Eric and I were able to relax and have fun at our wedding. Our bridal party is also especially thankful because everything was taken care of by you and your assistant and they were able to enjoy the night with us. Hiring you was the best decision we made! When my 10 bridesmaids get married, I’ll definitely send them your way! =)


Thi and Eric”


“Kelly pulls out all the stops to make your wedding day run as smoothly as possible. She uses all resources to get the job done and does it all with a huge smile on her face. Her attention to detail, ability to multi-task, and think well on her feet make her a fantastic coordinator and wedding planner. Aside from business, her human nature exudes genuineness, sincerity, and kindness make it an even more enjoyable experience to work with her. I highly recommend her for all your wedding planning and coordinating needs! – Thao and Robert”


“Hi Kelly,

We cannot express enough our appreciation and gratitude for all of your help and effort in making our day so fun and seamless.  We honestly do not know what we would have done without you (and Lily)  as a part of our special day.  You are totally awesome!  We received lots of good feedback and multiple compliments on you and my parents thought you were great! =)

We wish you all the best for your upcoming wedding!  Let me know if you need anything although I know you’re way more experienced with all of this wedding stuff.  I can be there for moral support and laughs if you need it 😉  or maybe just foot massage therapy and eating extravaganzas!

Anh & Dung”


“Kelly is an amazing wedding coordinator!! I wanted someone who was very detail oriented and organized, someone who got things done. Kelly was absolutely the perfect fit!  She’s was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout my wedding planning process, and was always quick to address all of my questions and concerns. Every time we met, I would leave feeling less stressed and more confident that I was in good hands!

When I was getting ready on the morning of my wedding day, my makeup artist pointed out to me that I was far more relaxed than her typical bride. She said that I didn’t seem to be worried about anything. In response, I told her that it was all thanks to my wedding coordinator, Kelly Duprat with her amazing assistants.

My family couldn’t stop raving about Kelly and her assistants on my wedding day.  They were amazed at how well they took care of me and my husband, always doing their best to make us as comfortable as possible. It was beyond all expectation. On top of making sure the wedding day events went as planned, they fed me, made sure we had water, and were immediately available whenever I needed anything taken care of it right away. The value that they added was well worth it.

I’ve been to numerous weddings where the bride, groom, wedding party, and even family members were stressed out making sure that the day went according to plan.  Weddings are celebrations. They’re meant to be enjoyed. They shouldn’t be remembered as if they were another stressful work day.  Because of Kelly and her crew, everyone had an amazing time on our wedding day.

Thank you so much, KDWP!!!!

Tiffany and Tam”


“Hi, my name is Trini and I’m a bridezilla. Just kidding! Maybe.

When I first brought up the idea of hiring a wedding coordinator to my then-fiancé, now-husband, he was very much against it because we were already way over budget. After all, he’s the eighth child in his family to be married, and none of his siblings required any outside assistance on their wedding day. Well, that could also be the reason words like “stress, tired, worried…” were the only ones they used to describe their special day. I admit I’m a chronic worrier and I probably worry 10000x more than a normal person, but I’ll be damned if I let that gets the best of me. Enters my savior, Ms. Kelly Duprat.

I learned of Kelly through wedding blogs and although we have met with a few coordinators, Kelly’s price was definitely right. Not only that, when you hire her, she will be by your side all day long as opposed to others who will put a cap on time. I was a hands-on bride so we decided to hire her as a day-of coordinator, but in reality, there were constant emails back and forth the weeks leading to our wedding and she was always quick to answer them. Just days before the wedding, I had a real freak out moment because our venue had booked an event right before our reception, which means the 5 hours we thought we had to set up is now reduced to 1-2 hours max. Kelly contacted all my vendors to inform them of the news and reassure me that no matter what, they will make it work. And boy, did she deliver!

Our wedding was a whopping 15-hour long extravaganza and Kelly was there for what must be 18 hours! She woke up super early in the morning to pick up our personal flowers and delivered them to my house by 8am (the commute alone was 1+ hour). While I was in my room getting beautified, she was outside taking care of business. All throughout the day when someone asked me something, I replied with “go talk to Kelly.” Poor Kelly took it all with grace and her responses were always “yes, I’ll take care of it.” And that’s really all I needed to hear. 😉

A few nights before our wedding, we stopped by Kelly’s house to drop off a van full of stuff to be used at the reception. I mean, our reception was a DIY galore which requires ample time to set up, but Kelly was able to bring 4 assistants with her that night and they pulled it off in under 2 hours. From 300 place cards to a full candy bar to guest sign-in table, plus dealing with vendors and a ton of other details, none were missed. I had complete faith in her and did not stress out one bit. My husband mentioned that he felt like a celebrity because someone on her team is always around to feed us and make us drink plenty of water. Kelly even helped me change into my dresses that night, all 4 of them. So is there anything she didn’t do? Hmmm nope!

I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable Kelly and her team was to us on our wedding day. Not only did they do their job fabulously and flawlessly, they were all SO SWEET to boot. Always a smile, always a caring word, all of which are extremely soothing to a bride. I had SOOO much fun on my wedding day, I’m able to remember every happy moment because Kelly was there to take care of my needs, leaving me completely worried-free. My husband now admits it’s one of the best call we had made for our wedding (cough, I made lol). Our parents love her (yes, my dad found her fan page and “liked” her on Facebook), our guests love her, we simply love her. Future brides, book Kelly for your wedding because all you want to feel on that day is happiness; let Kelly handle everything else.

We LOVE you, Kelly and team. LOVE you to pieces!!!

Trini and Phong”

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