Whitney and Kyle’s wedding 8.16.14

Whitney and Kyle are the sweetest, nicest , most caring, and thoughtful people ever. I know I say this about all of my couples but it’s the truth! I have the best clients! I am truly blessed and thankful to work with all of the amazing couples. When Whitney approached me about 10 months prior to the wedding inquiring about my services, my first thought was “Wow! She is tall!” I dwarfed next to her with my 5’2 itty bitty height. Our initial meeting was very productive but I wanted to give Whitney and Kyle some time to think about my services before they decided to hire me. They were still living in Boston  at the time and in the process of moving back to Orange County so I didn’t want them to feel pressured about booking me right away. When Whitney and Kyle were ready to book my services for day of coordination, I was elated! The Nixon Library is one of the venue I’ve been dreaming of working at for a while and to have the opportunity to do so for Whitney and Kyle’s wedding made it much more special.

We started the day with a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony.





Whitney has a very talented mom, she made all of the bridesmaids dresses and all of the Ao Dais.














The details on these ao dai are mesmerizing!


Precious moment between mother and daughter.



I love love love Whitney’s ao dai.






















Married!!! Congratulations Whitney and Kyle!





With a venue as beautiful as the Nixon Library, the wedding party took advantage of the grounds as backdrop for portraits.























I can’t get enough of how regal and gorgeous this venue is.




























Kyle’s mom passed the family secret tomato sauce to Whitney.



Another beautiful ao dai creation from Whitney’s mom! I’m obsessed!






Whitney’s mother also made her 3rd gown! So talented!











Here is Whitney and Kyle’s wedding highlights.

Whitney + Kyle, Thank you so much for booking my services and allowing me to fulfill my dreams of working at this gorgeous venue.

You both are the greatest sweetest couple I’ve met. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, laughter and love!

IMG_6684 - Kayla, Winnie, Julie and Tania

Ceremony: La Purisima Catholic Church

Reception: Nixon Presidential Library & Museum

Caterer: White House Catering

Photography: Harvard Photography

DJ: Flawless Entertainment DJs

Flowers: KC Floral Designs

KDWP Team: Kayla, Tania, Winnie and Julie

Michelle and John’s wedding 7.21.12

Michelle is another friend of my little sister. I’ve always known her as Thao and seeing her getting married just shows how time flies. These little girls that I’ve known for decades are now full grown women who are getting married. It’s quite bittersweet for me. Seeing how John adores Michelle, I knew she was in good hands.🙂

All photos courtesy of Kim Le Photography

Preparation for the Tea Ceremony.

I absolutely love Michelle’s Ao Dai….the long train is to die for!

Michelle & John Wedding - 0290

Michelle & John Wedding - 0299

Michelle & John Wedding - 0300

Stunning hair and makeup by Katie B.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0305

Michelle & John Wedding - 0326

Michelle & John Wedding - 0197

Michelle & John Wedding - 0230

Michelle & John Wedding - 0173

Michelle & John Wedding - 0360

Michelle & John Wedding - 0432

Michelle & John Wedding - 0433

Michelle & John Wedding - 0808

Michelle & John Wedding - 0450

Michelle & John Wedding - 0459

Michelle & John Wedding - 0515

Presentation of the bride to the family.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0497

Michelle & John Wedding - 0473

Michelle & John Wedding - 0499

Michelle & John Wedding - 0516

Michelle & John Wedding - 0641

Michelle & John Wedding - 0547

Michelle & John Wedding - 0538

Michelle & John Wedding - 0591

Michelle & John Wedding - 0558

Michelle & John Wedding - 0648

Michelle & John Wedding - 0650

Michelle & John Wedding - 0662

Michelle and John had a 2nd Tea Ceremony where the groom brings the bride home to his family.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0663

Michelle & John Wedding - 0676

This was such a touching moment. John and Michelle were able to Skype with John’s brother who is stationed overseas. He was able to follow the whole tea ceremony.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0721

After the Tea Ceremony, Michelle went back home to change into her wedding gown.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0180

Michelle & John Wedding - 0181

Michelle & John Wedding - 0191

Michelle & John Wedding - 0194

Michelle & John Wedding - 0204

Michelle & John Wedding - 0198

Their invitation was so fancy! The velvet texture was a nice touch.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0215

Michelle & John Wedding - 0218

Michelle & John Wedding - 0220

Michelle & John Wedding - 0222

Michelle gets dressed in her wedding gown to become a wife.🙂

Michelle & John Wedding - 0335

There is something very serene about this picture.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0337

Michelle & John Wedding - 0339

Michelle & John Wedding - 0354

St. Callistus Catholic Church has a special place in my heart.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0836

Michelle & John Wedding - 0838

Michelle & John Wedding - 0839

Michelle & John Wedding - 0866

Michelle & John Wedding - 0841

Michelle & John Wedding - 0842

Michelle & John Wedding - 0879

Michelle & John Wedding - 0966

Congratulations Michelle and John!

Michelle & John Wedding - 0927

Husband and Wife!

Michelle & John Wedding - 0989

Michelle & John Wedding - 0993

Crystal Cathedral makes a great backdrop for bridal portraits.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0730

Michelle & John Wedding - 0742

Michelle & John Wedding - 0756

Love how grandiose the Crystal Cathedral is.

Michelle & John Wedding - 0766

Michelle & John Wedding - 0771

Michelle & John Wedding - 0772

Michelle & John Wedding - 0776

Michelle & John Wedding - 0778

Michelle & John Wedding - 0785

Michelle & John Wedding - 0787

Michelle & John Wedding - 0790

Michelle & John Wedding - 0794

Michelle & John Wedding - 0798

Michelle & John Wedding - 0800

Michelle & John Wedding - 0804

Michelle & John Wedding - 0813

Michelle & John Wedding - 0815

Michelle & John Wedding - 0817

LOVE Veil shot

Michelle & John Wedding - 0818


Michelle & John Wedding - 0819

Reception Details

Michelle & John Wedding - 0231

Michelle & John Wedding - 0232

Michelle & John Wedding - 0233

Michelle & John Wedding - 0238

Michelle & John Wedding - 0237

Michelle & John Wedding - 1093

Michelle & John Wedding - 0243

Michelle & John Wedding - 0239

Michelle & John Wedding - 0240

Michelle & John Wedding - 0241

Michelle & John Wedding - 1010

Michelle & John Wedding - 0244

Michelle & John Wedding - 0247

Michelle & John Wedding - 0250

Michelle & John Wedding - 0251

Michelle & John Wedding - 1015

Michelle & John Wedding - 0261

Michelle & John Wedding - 0259

Michelle & John Wedding - 0252

Michelle & John Wedding - 0254

Michelle & John Wedding - 0262

Michelle & John Wedding - 0263

Michelle & John Wedding - 0264

Michelle & John Wedding - 0265

Michelle & John Wedding - 0266

Michelle & John Wedding - 0267

Michelle & John Wedding - 1031

Michelle & John Wedding - 1059

Michelle & John Wedding - 1086

Michelle & John Wedding - 1193

Michelle & John Wedding - 1196

Michelle & John Wedding - 1198

Michelle & John Wedding - 1209

Michelle & John Wedding - 1220

Michelle & John Wedding - 1227

Michelle & John Wedding - 0272

Michelle & John Wedding - 0270

Michelle + John’s Same Day Edit

Michelle and John, Thank you so much for trusting KDWP for coordinating your beautiful wedding. Thao, it’s hard to believe how I have seen you grown from a young girl to a beautiful woman you are today. I wish the both of you many years of happiness and can’t wait to be part of the next chapter in your lives.

Ceremony: St. Callistus Catholic Church

Reception: Mon Amour

Florals and drapery: KC Floral Designs

Videography: Alumiq Productions

Photography: Kim Le Photography

Entertainment: Linh Phong Band

Photobooth: Foto Cabina

Cake: Givral Bakery

Bridal hair & Makeup: Katie B

Transportation: White Rose Limousine

Team KDWP: Lily Luong, Kayla Ton, Katie Ito and Winnie Ing

Rose and Tony’s wedding – 9.17.11

Rose and Tony are such a fun, goofy, loving couple. And I am so glad I was there to coordinate their wedding (even with the little hiccups).

When Rose contacted me to coordinate and help her along the way with her wedding, again I was a bit worried, not because I couldn’t do it but because I knew I would be burnt out 1 week after my own wedding. But that thought quickly left my mind when I met them in person. They were so nice and they even invited me to eat hot pot dinner! I was sold!🙂 Besides, Rose and Tony are so mellow and laid-back, it was easy and such a pleasure to work with them.

*All photos courtesy of Thao Vu Photography*

Tony and his mom are so cute!

Tea ceremony at the bride’s parents first.

Introducing the beautiful bride…

Then to the groom’s parents for the tea ceremony.

So much love!

Rose getting ready for the church ceremony.


The priest did a pretty funny homily for Rose and Tony.

After the ceremony, the bridal party traveled to Costa Mesa for some portraits.

You can totally see Rose and Tony goofiness in their portraits. So much fun!

Groom’s boutonniere.

Groomsmen boutonniere.

Who knew there was such a beautiful place in Costa Mesa!

Onto the reception!!

I’m not usually one to complain and I really do get along with all vendors I work with but Seafood Palace 2 was quite difficult to work with.  This is the reason why I ALWAYS advise all bride and groom to have EVERYTHING in writing with locations/vendors and not just via conversation.

Asides from the chaos here and there with the location, the most important thing is that Rose and Tony had a good time during their reception.

Beautiful cake from Taylor Cake Creations.

The beautiful bridesmaids!

Rose changed into her ao dai for the table greetings.

Rose’s nephew, Justin, surprised Rose and Tony with a great performance and it was a HIT!

The cake cutting was 1 memorable part of the night. And….I absolutely LOVE Rose’s 3rd dress!

First dance as husband and wife.

The single ladies were so excited for the bouquet toss!

As were the single men for the garter toss!🙂

At the end of the night, Rose surprised Tony with a beautiful piece on the piano.

Rose & Tony Wedding Highlights

Rose and Tony!!! Thank you so much for letting me and my team be part of your beautiful wedding day! You guys are so much fun and I wish you both all the happiness in the world and a beautiful future together. Love you both!

A little behind the scene from KDWP team who are always willing to save the day with a smile!

Ceremony: St. Barbara Parish

Reception: Seafood Palace 2

Florals: KC Floral Designs

Videography: 8 Kinds of Smile

Photography: Thao Vu Photography

DJ: DJ Heavy Hits

Cake: Taylor Cake Creations

Dance Floor: Vigen’s Rentals

Bridal hair & Makeup: Duy Ly

Transportation: GTS Charter

Seat Cushions: Elegant Chiavari Chairs Rentals

Team KDWP: Lily Luong with the help of My-Dzung Hoang, Renrick Hidalgo, Sylvie Huynh and Charles Nguyen.

Michelle and Kevin’s Wedding 6.18.11

On the initial consultation, Michelle and I instantly bonded over our love for the color purple and so many other things we have in common! We got along so well on our first meeting that it lasted 3 hours!!! I think we spent about 45 min talking about wedding and the rest of the time, we just chit chatted about random things and became instant friends! I call Michelle my long lost purple sister!!! She is the sweetest, nicest, most lovable person ever! I didn’t get to meet Kevin on the initial meeting but I knew that he must be a sweetheart since Michelle was so lovable and easy to talk to. Over the course of the year, Michelle and I were constantly keeping in touch about the wedding and our everyday life. We even had a double date a month or so before their wedding! We felt so special when they invited Renrick and I to their rehearsal dinner after I conducted the rehearsal! I am so glad that I was part of their special, loving, memorable wedding and meeting all of their nice and welcoming family members. They really made me feel like I was part of the family and not just the coordinator. I am so thankful to call Michelle and Kevin my friends and to see their family blossom in the future.

I had the honor to work with the incomparable Henry Chen Photography on Michelle and Kevin’s wedding. I have been an avid follower of a handful of photographers and Henry was 1 of the top photographers I followed since even before I became a wedding planner. I was a bit nervous working with him at first but he is the kindest, sweetest person ever! I am truly blessed working with such amazing vendors. I am slowly but surely crossing off names on my list of  “Vendors I would LOVE to work with”🙂

All photos courtesy of Henry Chen Photography.

I headed first to the hotel to meet Kevin and his groomsmen to make sure everything was OK.

Kevin’s suit was custom-made in China! Love the shiny-ness!

A little gift to Kevin from his wife to be!

Love this part! The guys were all viewing a YouTube video on how to tie a tie😀

Meanwhile, the ladies were getting all dolled up…

The Bride!!!

Isn’t Michelle the cutest???

A mother/daughter moment….I can’t believe how young Michelle’s mom look! They look like they could be sisters!

While all the bridal party was still getting ready, KDWP headed to the Bowers Museum for the ceremony setup.

It was such a beautiful June day.

Before picture of the ceremony site….

During setup….Cards are all D.I.Y from the bride!


The end result of the ceremony site!!!

THE gown!

Michelle’s shoes were her something blue.

There were too many good ring shots! I Couldn’t pick just 1 so I’m putting them all!

The ring box/pillow is D.I.Y from the Bride!

The Bridesmaids putting the final finishing touches on the Bride before the first look.

A little one on one with the Matron of Honor.

Love these next First Look sequence!

Henry Chen Photography was able to squeeze a few portraits of Michelle and Kevin before the ceremony.

I really like Michelle’s cascading bouquet…there’s like an old-schooled feel to it.

Reflection shot…my favorite!

Soooooo ROMANTIC!!!

I had to resolve a little crisis before the ceremony starts. The florist forgot to leave the 2 stem of roses for the mothers so, I had to pick borrow some roses from the museum garden to avoid disaster. I was instructing the boys how to hold the rose without touching the thorns.🙂

And…it all worked out! Pffuuiiii…

Michelle and her father before walking down. Yes, that’s her father! Can you believe it? I totally thought he was her brother when I first met him!

Here comes the beautiful bride!

The look of love and anticipation!

Michelle had a male attendant as part of her bridesmaids and Kevin had a female attendant as part of his groomsmen! This was so cool and modern!

So much tears of joy for the happy couple!

Married Mr. & Mrs. Jones!!!

A few more formal portraits before KDWP heads to the reception.

Reception setup.

Sweetheart table.

More Details!

Yup! Michelle and Kevin are both Doctors! Couple of Smarties🙂

I have to say that the food at S Fine Dining is really good!

The Cake!!!

Time for the reception to start!

Grand Entrance!

The speeches brought tears and laughter to the sweet couple.

Kevin made a small speech in Vietnamese. He was really good! The whole room cheered for him!

Traditional round of tables with Vietnamese Ao Dai.

While the couple was greeting tables, KDWP was setting up the dessert station!

All cake stands are D.I.Y by the talented bride!

Michelle and Kevin’s first dance as husband and wife.

Father Daughter dance.

Mother Son Dance. The look on Michelle’s face is so touching and genuine.

Cake Cutting!

The night ended on a high note with all the guests partying until the wee hours.

Michelle and Kevin! Thank you so much for having me be part of your wedding and making me feel like family! I am so happy for the both of you and so excited that I can call you my friends. You truly are 2 of the best people that I have had the pleasure to meet. I wish you both many many years of happiness and unconditional love for each other. Love – Kelly.

KDWP having some fun!

Annh and I manning the guests seating assignment table.

Henry’s assistant, Jove from Jovanni Photography and I posing for Henry’s test lighting before guests entered.

Good times!

Ceremony: Bowers Museum

Reception: S Fine Dining

Hair and Makeup: Le Brian Salon

Cake: Final Touch Bakery

Florals: KC Floral Designs

Officiant: Reverend Ken

Photography: Henry Chen Photography

Team KDWP: Annh Vo and Elise Tang

Thuy and Andy’s Wedding 6.4.11

Thuy and Andy got married on a beautiful day in June. When I first met them, I came out with the feeling that this couple was very serious, turns out it’s because they were doctors! Wow…my 1st in coordinating a wedding for doctors! I felt quite inadequate and not smart enough for them🙂 Thuy and Andy are 2 of the nicest people I have met. They are down to earth, very fun to be around and very sophisticated. I still can’t believe that they planned half of their wedding while living in Texas!

Special thanks to Jill Thomas for the great photos! She shot the whole wedding in films! That was a first for me working with a photographer who shoots totally in films. It made the color so much softer.

As usual, I woke up bright and early to pick up all the personal flowers for the bridal party.

Here is the groom! If I remember correctly, he had a designer suit. I like a metro-sexual groom!

The wire to hold the boutonnieres makes it pretty hard to pin…

The groomsmen flowers.

When I entered Thuy’s room, she gave me a big smile, hugged me and said “I’m so glad you are here, I am less worried now”. Made my day! It gives me so much happiness in what I do when the bride and groom feel relief just by seeing me🙂

The bride’s Carolina Herrera dress


KDWP helping the flowergirl to a perfect bow🙂

The details….

The bride and bridesmaids lovely bouquets.

And the beautiful bride….

I’m not sure why but I love this picture of Thuy. She looks so serene and ready to get married! Just the simple act of putting her jewelry on gets to me.

The bride with her ladies. Love the softness of everything.

The groom with his handsome groomsmen. All doctors!!!

Andy checking out his beautiful bride…

Bridal Party!

Now onto some awesome portraits of the bride and groom…

The look of L.O.V.E!!!

This one is too cute!!! Andy’s nephew was such a cutie pie! I was even babysitting for a little bit when the bridal party was taking pictures.

KDWP = jack of all trades🙂

After all the bridal photos, we headed to St. Nicholas Church in Laguna Niguel for the ceremony.

😦 Here I go in the background ruining the photographer’s shot!!! I swear I usually am pretty good at being invisible!

Look at how happy they look at being Mr. & Mrs!!

Bubbles make great photos!

Details of the reception.

Everything was D.I.Y from the bride herself! So talented! I wished I had an ounce of creativity and craftiness in me to do those D.I Y.

The guests place cards

The cake!!!

While the ballroom was getting decorated and ready for guests, Thuy and Andy were out for more photos.

Andy changed into another suit🙂 Love when the groom doesn’t want to be outdone by his bride.

Time to have some fun!

Thuy and Andy performed a perfect choreographed 1st dance as husband and wife.

I really love her Ao Dai…

A little game to get to know the bride and groom.

At the end of the night, there was a dessert cake station! I was drooling over how delicious everything looked!

Thuy and Andy, thank you so much for letting me be part of your wedding day! Your love for each other is undeniable and I am so glad I was there to witness it. I wish you many many years of happiness together with lots of very smart children like the 2 of you!

Ceremony: St. Nicholas Church

Reception: Hyatt Huntington Beach

Hair and Makeup: Duy Ly

Cake: Tomgirl Baking Company

DJ: Atmosphere Entertainment

Florals:  KC Floral Designs

Photography: Jill Thomas Photography

Videography: New Classic Wedding Films

Team KDWP: Lily Luong

Katie B and Shaun’s Wedding 11.6.10

Happy New Year 2011 everyone! I couldn’t ask for a better start of the year than by blogging about an amazing couple: Katie B and Shaun. I’ve known Katie B and Shaun for over a year now. The first time I met them, I was blown away by the love they have for each other. There was no doubt in my mind that they were meant for each other, they complete one another in a deeper level that I’ve ever seen before. I was very surprised at how personable, down to earth, intelligent and friendly Katie B is! To me, she was a celebrity because she worked with celebrities🙂, so I was quite star-struck.  Shaun makes you feel very comfortable to be around, that’s why after our first meeting, they pretty much knew a whole lot about me. They are by far the nicest 2 people a person can meet. I am glad that our relationship has grown from client to friendship in such a short time, and I am grateful that they trusted me enough to let me coordinate their over-the-top, glamorous, fabulous wedding day!

After a late night of helping setting up the reception venue, I was up bright and early at their hotel rooms. Katie B’s dress had a few loose threads so I came early to sew at a few places on her dress.🙂

Did that I mention that I had a hand in helping her pick THE dress? I love the bottom of her dress and the bling are sooo Katie B🙂

Of course Katie B would do her own hair and makeup! Who else?

Katie B and Shaun exchanged some gifts. Wait until you see what Katie B got!

Shaun really outdid himself. Take note Grooms-to-be, this is the way to a woman’s heart.😉

Meanwhile….Shaun and the groomsmen get ready!

Pinning the boutonniere on the groom….

…and the result!

After getting through the awe of Shaun’s gifts, Katie B finished getting ready.

Love all the shoes lined up…

Katie B had her ao dai (Vietnamese traditional gown) for me to bring it to the reception but I wanted to make sure that the photographer had a chance to take a picture before I hauled everything away.

Can’t forget some of the bridesmaids details. The hairpieces were handmade for them.

Vibrant color bouquet! The florist and I inserted all the black feathers in the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Katie B’s bouquet was adorned with her grandmother’s rosary.

Katie B was so emotional when she saw the rosary on her bouquet. It was very touching!

Katie B has such a genuine smile on this picture. Happy!

First look for Katie B and Shaun! I highly recommend first look for bride and groom. It definitely doesn’t take away from the emotions at the ceremony and it gives a more intimate moment for the couple.

Then, we were all off to Our Lady of La Vang Parish for the ceremony.

Such a talented family…Katie B has her cousins play her bridal walk.

The groom and groomsmen patiently waiting for the bride’s entrance.

Here comes the beautiful bride!

Married!!! Congratulations Katie B and Shaun!!

This picture always takes my breath away…it is truly timeless. I passed out the bubbles to all the guests and lined them up outside the church in order to get this perfect picture!

The bridal party were then off to take some portraits at The Lab in Costa Mesa.

This is such a cute picture of them. Definitely shows their personality!

The boys…oh, so handsome!

The ladies…oh, so beautiful!

Proud to be Mr. & Mrs. B!

Now…onto the reception! I have to give credit to the wedding planner, Ann Ro, who has successfully and beautifully implemented Katie B and Shaun’s vision. I was merely the coordinator making sure everything went according to plan and catering to Katie B and Shaun’s every needs.

Isn’t this such a cute idea?

Their invitation was so beautiful!

The appetizer and dessert bar was awesome and a hit throughout the night!

One of their groomsman designed and cut the B. It was so fitted for the table!

So sad I didn’t get the time to try any of the goodies…I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. hahaha…

At every corner of the reception, a little piece of Katie B and Shaun are displayed.

Yes, they had an ice sculpture!

Did I mention pretty much every design was done by the talented and super busy Katie B and Shaun?

I used their sign from the portrait and put them behind their chairs.

The cake was also designed by Katie B! Monica from Two Parts Sugar did a fantastic job!

Katie B and Shaun’s grand entrance! Happy times!

Their first dance as husband and wife…They cannot be more in love! These photos definitely makes you feel the LOVE seeping through them.

A quick change into the Ao Dai to greet tables…

…then, back into the fabulous wedding dress for the cake cutting!

Bouquet toss!

Shaun had a hard time finding the garter…good thing he had a flashlight😉

mmm…..and here are a few things Shaun found instead of the garter…a hairspray (if you look carefully, you can see my little self peeking)



Katie B and Shaun enjoyed a same-day-edit video. It was so much fun! Here is the video, password: kscr.

And then….it was just party all night long to celebrate the fantastic couple!

Renrick and I were guests at the wedding too but as you can see, I was working so when it was time to take a picture, I looked like “crap” (excuse my language please). It really doesn’t matter how well put together I am at the beginning of a wedding that I work on. By the end of the night, I am pretty much pooped so hair is tied up and makeup is non-existent  from running around too much. It doesn’t matter how I look at the end of the night, as long as the bride and groom are happy, I did my job properly and it is all that matters🙂

Shaun and a couple of the groomsmen built this frame from scratch! Katie B and Shaun used this as a “prop” to take pictures with guests upon their entrance. It was such an original idea and the guests loved it!

Katie B and Shaun, I cannot thank you enough to make me be part of your fabulous day. I got choked up several times during the day, holding back tears from seeing the love you have for each other. The love you have shown for one another is limitless and indefinite. I wish the two of you many many years of happiness! Love, Kelly!

All photos courtesy of Kim Le Photography.

Ceremony: Our Lady of La Vang Parish

Reception Venue: Paracel Seafood Restaurant

Hair and Makeup: Katie B

Cake: Two Parts Sugar

Florals: LV Florals

Photography: KimLe Photography and Sydney Tran Photography

Videography: Imagique Weddings

DJ: iDj

Drapery: KC Floral Designs

Wedding Planner: Ann Ro

Thao and Robert’s Wedding 7.31.10

Where do I even begin on this wedding? Well….I must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thao and Robert’s wedding! To have the opportunity to work on their spectacular wedding is beyond words can express. I have to admit that as the wedding day was getting closer, I was super duper nervous and doubting myself if I would be able to make their wedding a reality🙂 I was in constant communication with Thao a month into the wedding and was a bit overwhelmed with all the details she had. I honestly didn’t want to disappoint her and Robert. To tell you the truth, I was intimidated with Thao and Robert (not that they are mean or anything), but maybe because she has been in the industry for a long time and since I am starting out, still felt like I was green behind the ears to take on such a big show.

Thao, being such an organized and detailed person, made it very easy and clear to me what she expected me to do at the wedding. As a wedding planner, a bride like this is a dream come true🙂 She had excel spreadsheets of what needs to be picked up the day before the wedding, what needs to be done, who in the bridal party is in charged of what etc…

(Now enough about me!) Thao and Robert are a sweet sweet couple. They are high school sweethearts and are very much in love. They are as nice as can be, you can definitely tell from the outpouring of love from their families and friends at the wedding.

The festivities started early, I picked up the flowers from the florist, drove to Robert’s parents house to pin boutonnieres on the groom, groomsmen and family members and drop off the bouquets so they can bring it to the tea ceremony.

Rob’s boutonniere perfectly pinned. It stayed intact the whole day!

Then I was off to Thao’s parents to pin flowers on family members. As soon as I reached Thao’s parents house, I received a phone call from a groomsman telling me that they don’t have the bouquets for the bridesmaids but the flower vase that were supposed to go to Thao’s parents. BIG WHOOPS!!! *blush* I ran back over to do the switch. I had to talk myself into being calm from then on so that I don’t make anymore stupid mistakes.

Hard at work….PS: If you notice, I tried to match their wedding colors😀

Tea ceremony at Thao’s parents. They also did a second tea ceremony at Robert’s parents. Thao looked gorgeous! I love her sparkly Ao Dai.

Thao’s bouquet! Vibrant with colors.

The bridesmaids’ bouquet was just as beautiful.

Thao went back to her place for a change of clothes. Don’t you just adore this customized velvet suit she is wearing?

Let me now post some photos of her GORGEOUS GORGEOUS wedding gown. Thao wanted to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and honestly….I think she looks hotter and better than Belle in her gown.

Are you mesmerized and drooling over this dress yet? Well ladies and gents, you ARE in luck!!! Thao is selling her gown! If I was her size, I would totally buy her dress for my upcoming wedding. I really couldn’t stop admiring her in this dress. She just beamed in it! Thao is one of the most poised and elegant bride I’ve met. If you are interested in the dress, please contact Thao directly at thaovu.com or at thaoandrobert.com.

You can feel there was a special moment here between Thao and her bridesmaids. KimLe from KimLe Photography did an amazing job at capturing the little moments.

It feels so spiritual getting married at a church.

Just Married!!! Congratulations Mr. Robert and Mrs. Thao Archey!

Up next was Rancho Las Lomas! This place is absolutely dreamy! The bride and groom and bridal party got some amazing pictures there. The wedding colors on the dapper groomsmen and beautiful bridesmaids compliment the environment of the venue so well.

The boys had a monogram bling on their tie.

Not to be outdone, the girls also had monogram bling on their bouquet.

Thao and Robert = HOTNESS!

This picture is one of my favorites!

And now for the details…:) Since Rancho Las Lomas is quite hidden, Thao made some signs to direct her guests to the venue. I spent about 2 hours putting up the signs and tying balloons along the way. Renrick, my betrothed, drove every couple feet so I could tie the balloons and put the signs up. Luckily, in the meantime, I had help at the venue from my dear friend Diana starting setting up. Unfortunately, it was quite windy that day so a lot of balloons popped even before the guests start arriving.

Thao and Robert displayed their engagement and wedding photos along with their parents wedding photos. It was such a sentimental touch! I LOVE that idea!

The card box was all hand-made by their friend. They have such talented and loving friends. The house box was so detailed, it’s just precious!

The seating chart was also a DIY and was finished the day before. These boards were pretty heavy!

LOVE the setup! The sign by the arch is hand-made. You can feel when a bride puts her heart into a wedding by DIY a lot of the details. I wish I was crafty like this!

Each guest had a framed place card with their name.

Thao made sure that each one of her bridesmaids and groomsmen was recognized with a name tag behind their chairs.

Of course the very BEST for the bride and groom! Isn’t this soooo cuuuutteee???

Their custom vinyl sticker for the dance floor. Thao really stuck to the theme of the wedding. It was everywhere! Again….LOVE!

I came across my 1st problem at a wedding and needed to put on my Super Kelly wedding planner hat on to resolve it. The cake was delivered 1 hour late. We kept calling the vendor but no one responded. When they arrived, I found out that during transportation, 1 tier of the cake didn’t make it and couldn’t be salvaged. The cake vendor wanted to go back and fix it but due to time constraint, I decided to display a 3 tier cake and still keep the 4th tier in the back for serving. Of course, they ended up receiving a full refund on the cake. I found out later by Thao that the cake was totally different from the design she wanted and the flavors were not what she and Robert ordered.

More details….did I mention we had a lot of candles to light? We had about 30 min to light hundreds of candles. Thank goodness to the catering staff for helping out or we wouldn’t have made it on time.

Thao and Robert had a silhouette artist present to entertain their guests. It was a HIT!!

PS: I am IN LOVE with Thao’s engagement ring. It’s ginormous!

Thao changed into another Ao Dai for table greetings. The photo below always puts a smile on my face. It looks so….Sex and the City ladies!

She then changed into a 3rd dress.

Guests were invited to party upstairs to enjoy the candy bar from Boomies Goodies and have fun with a photobooth.

While I was downstairs guiding guests upstairs and then putting things away. Annh, my assistant, had to put out fire upstairs. Guests started to pick up their 1 hour picture frame with the bride and groom. Most of the frames were lined up properly but as soon as someone bumps the table or a frame, a domino effect followed and all the frames would fall one by one which took time away from her finishing inserting the photos into the frames. Annh managed and pulled it off! All the guests received their photo frames. I have to admit, I have the best assistants ever and they are always on top of everything and thinking on their toes. Thank  you Annh for your hard work!!

Thao channeled Beyonce and surprised Robert with a dance at the end of the night. It was firing smoking HOT FIERCE!

And here is another favorite photo of mine of Thao and Robert. So romantic!

Thao and Robert, I can’t thank you enough for letting me be part of your spectacular special day. I am honored and humbled that I got to work on such a detailed and amazing wedding. It will forever be THE wedding of the year! You are one of the nicest people I have met and you both are truly meant for each other. Your bridal party were so nice and very helpful. I wish the both of you from the bottom of my heart a blessed future together as husband and wife and eternal happiness!

Wedding Highlights Video


Ceremony: St. Callistus Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Rancho Las Lomas

Make-up: Anha does makeup

Hair: Gwen Huyen Tran

Cake: Jeseca’s Creations

Florals: KC Floral Designs

Catering: 24 Carrots

Photography: KimLe Photography

Videography: 8 Kinds of Smiles

DJ: VIP DJ Services

Silhouette Artist: Karl Johnson

Team KDWP: Annh Vo

Thi and Eric’s Wedding 5.30.10

Thi and Eric decided to book me about 1 month before the wedding. I was very excited about their wedding because it would be my 1st hands-on wedding as a professional.

Thi was a very detailed bride. She had everything done to the “T” and for a coordinator, it is very helpful to get direction on their vision and still add your own touch to it.

Their wedding was big (400 guests) and lavish, which was quite a task to take on as a brand new wedding planner/coordinator. We technically had about 3 hours to set up everything from vases, candles, chair, place cards etc… before the ceremony so it was a lot of running against the clock. I have to admit that 30 min before the ceremony starts, I really thought we were not going to make it on time.

I have to give props to the bridal party, especially the groomsmen for helping us out by guarding the doors until we finish setting up the ceremony area.

Enjoy the amazing photos from the wedding taken by Brandon Kidd. It was a real pleasure working with professional vendors in this field. I really do learn a lot from them.

Adorable pale soft pink shoes….*sigh*

The boys all looking dapper on their way to the bride’s parents house for the tea ceremony.

The couple then opted for a “first look” in her wedding gown.

Thi is beautiful in her gorgeous gown and Eric is looking very sharp and handsome.

They had a very big bridal party = 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen. At times, it was hard to gather everybody around but they were very cooperative.

And now for the details…. This year has definitely been birds and bird cages theme.

The thumb leaf tree as guest sign-in was such a cute idea!

This is the final result! A bare tree turned into a full leaves tree to represent the love and support from their families and friends.

Their card cage🙂

About 400 place card names to set up!

We almost didn’t make it on time for the ceremony. We were definitely 10 min behind schedule as we were still finishing setting up all the candles along the aisle.

Right before the bridal party, bride and groom were going to walk down the aisle, a guest knocked a set of candles to the floor. I had to rush in to pour the water in the vase, light up the candle and run back out to queue their entrance. Tough work!

Just Married!!! Congratulations Thi and Eric!

While everyone was having cocktail, we had 1 hour to flip the whole room into the reception.

Did I mention there was a LOT of candles to light???

The sweetheart table….so dreamy…

The cake was soooo pretty! All the candles on the aisle at the ceremony were moved to the stage where the cake and DJ was.

Thi and Eric’s first dance as husband and wife.

Before the night ended, they sneaked out for a few more photos. This is my favorite!

Thank you Thi and Eric for letting me make your wedding come true. It was an awesome experience working with such a great wedding party. They were so helpful! I wish you all the love and happiness for many years to come. You two deserve it all!

Special thanks to Stacie from Furiwa Catering for helping out with table set-ups.

Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel

Hair and Make-up: Nhat Binh Nguyen

Cake: Givral Bakery

Florals: KC Floral Designs

Catering: Furiwa

Officiant: Paul C. Ystebo

Photography: Brandon Kidd Photography

Videography: 29 Frame Videography

DJ: Adagio Wedding Entertainment

Team KDWP: Annh Vo