Wedding location #1

I finally got the chance to visit this location after seeing it online. The place is very Spanish looking, calm and just plain beautiful. Well seeing it online cannot compare it to seeing in person because it is AMAZING!!!! So pretty, nature-ly (is that a word?) and secluded. It’s perfect for a wedding. You can decide for yourself from the below pictures. Oh and I will divulge the place name if you decide to use my services. The only thing I can say is that it is in Orange County 😉

Entrance to the location.



There are so many great spots for photos.


Even I had to get in for a shot!


Here is the ceremony area…I can already imagine the flower decorations, chairs and the guests mingling around.



I really like the bridge where the bridal party will be walking from to the altar.


The bride’s quarter and outside so there is no need to go far to take pictures with the bridesmaids.



View of the cocktail area from the ceremony area.


Cocktail area…Love that there is a fountain and flowers around so no worries about decoration.



The reception area.


View of the ceremony area from the cocktail/reception area. The ceremony area is big enough for an outdoor wedding and turn the reception into a lounge so guests can relax.


There is a private zoo on location which is great for children and entertaining to guests.



1 thought on “Wedding location #1

  1. Wow, it really is pretty! It’s like a fantasy Spanish Villa! Ok, I will be getting married there in 2014. haha.


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