Wedding location #3

This wedding location is in Laguna Beach…5 min away from the beach. This place is an art gallery which turns into an amazing wedding site. My feeling when visiting this place is definitely for the modern, classy and art loving couple. I had a hard time taking some of the pictures because it was a little dark but I’m sure you can get the feeling…

The entrance to the gallery. Guests will enter here to sign the guest book and place gifts.

Entrance to the site. Imagine lanterns hanging with lights across side to side.

View of the entrance taken from the reception area.


Bridal suite.

View outside from the bridal suite.

Guests will mingle here before walking up to the ceremony area. Slideshow of the bride and groom will be shown on the TV.

Guests walk up these stairs to get to the ceremony area. Candles will be lit up on the side.

Ceremony site.

This is where the bride and groom will say their vows.

Looking up from the ceremony area.

Overall view of the ceremony area. Close relatives will be sitting below the stairs and other guests will be sitting above the stairs.

Nice area for pictures. Guests can roam this area after the ceremony for pictures with the bride and groom.

Reception area which can hold up to 300 guests. The lighting is amazing and they can change it to be the couple’s wedding color. (Sorry for the quality of the pictures)

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