Wedding location #7

Well to tell you the truth, I was shocked when I got to this location…I really thought I was lost because there was NO WAY a wedding location can be tucked in a strip mall. Boy was I wrong…the outside really threw me off and wasn’t attractive at all…I mean the location was next to a podiatrist and a DMV! However….people say don’t judge the book by its cover and it’s true because once you step inside, it’s whole different story. Sorry I didn’t take picture of the outside because I thought it wasn’t worth it. 😉

Photo taken from the inside looking at the entrance door.

photo (100)

I thought this was the perfect “wall” place for photos with guests when they arrive.

photo (101)


photo (102)

The reception area.

photo (103)

The location was getting ready for a wedding that night so I was lucky to get a feel for the atmosphere.

photo (104)

I love the idea of having a lounge area at the reception.

photo (105)

The sweetheart table and the bridal party table.

photo (106)

The ceremony area…in my opinion, this location is good for a reception but not a ceremony because it is a little too tight.

photo (107)

Photo taken from downstairs looking up into the bridal room.

photo (108)

The cocktail area.

photo (109)

Photo taken from the bridal room looking down at the cocktail area.

photo (110)

PS: This might be RR and I 2nd option for a wedding place if the 1st one doesn’t fall through.

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