Wedding location #8

Alright….so another wedding location tour today in Costa Mesa. It’s close to the freeway and easy to find. I really like the place and the staff is so friendly. I am probably biased because I might have found MY own wedding location 🙂 Well, let’s not jump to conclusion yet but I would love love love to get married here. There are plenty of photo opportunities at this location and everything is so very pretty.

This gate will be closed on the wedding day but I can already envision many many photos in front of this fountain.

photo (100)

Another fountain…I think I counted about 4 fountains at this place. I love fountains…it’s so serene and peaceful.

photo (101)

Groom and groomsmen changing room…they have a big screen TV and a bar!

photo (102)

Ceremony courtyard…I’m not really a fan of the seating placement but it’s good enough. Oh look! Another fountain!

photo (103)

Bride and groom get married on the steps of this staircase.

photo (104)

A more overall view of the ceremony area. I’m standing on the staircase where the bride and bridesmaids will be coming down from.

photo (105)

The bride and bridesmaids changing room.

photo (106)

The rotunda/foyer…imagine the bride and groom below and the photographer taking a picture from this angle. Perfect picture!

photo (107)

The foyer where guests enter from.

photo (108)

Cake cutting station.

photo (109)

Reception area.

photo (110)

photo (111)

Again, a wedding was going to take place that day so I had a good feel for how a wedding will be at this place.

photo (113)

The terrace area where guests can go out to get some air and where the coffee and tea station is set.

photo (112)

So after all the photos you have seen, would you think this is a good place for me to get married at?

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