Wedding location #10

This venue is right next to the wedding location #8. Very modern, edgy, and club-like….you might recognize this place  as this used to be a nightclub and now turned into a wedding reception place.

I really like this place because the lighting, sound system and technology is already there….no need to spend extra on lighting and top of the line speakers.

RR loved this place because he said it’s very modern, hip and him …. mmmm…..well I do like it but it’s a little too modern for my taste.

The entrance…a doorman will be standing here just to open the gate to guests.

photo (101)

photo (113)

I had to take a picture of this fountain…even though it’s a tiny one.

photo (114)

A very good spot to greet the guests and for picture area. You must wonder why I always look for picture spots. Well, most Asian couples like to take pictures with the guests before they enter the reception, therefore, when I visit a location, I try to spot a good backdrop or placement for it.

photo (115)

Walkway to the reception. The flowers can be removed and changed into the couple’s engagement photos.

photo (102)

Cocktail area.

photo (103)

I really love the lounge seating….if anyone bring children and then get tired during the reception, this can be their resting place.

photo (104)

If someone has a band as their entertainment, this is where they will be to perform. (Sorry photo is blurry…I really need a new camera)

photo (105)

Bride and groom can sit on this little stage so everyone can see them.

photo (106)

More lounging seating with tables….love, love, love it!!!

photo (107)

Dance floor and where the tables will be arranged. Too bad there wasn’t any tables set for today…I wanted to get the feel of it 😦

photo (108)

See??? Great lighting, which can definitely be customized to anyone’s wedding color!

photo (109)

The venue can offer this centerpiece as part of their package. I love it! Soooo modern….

photo (110)

The bar…..very important! 🙂

photo (111)

A more overall view of the reception/dance floor. The logo that you see on the floor, the venue can customize it to be the bride and groom’s name.

photo (112)

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