Wedding location #13

Uh oh… wedding location #13 means it’s bad luck??? Nah…..I’m not THAT superstitious. So today was a busy day, I had 3  places to go in 3 different cities and I had 30 min in between to get to each appointment….pfiou…good thing the rain stops on time for the weekend so I was able to take photos.

This venue totally reminds me of a rustic, old cowboy saloon!!! I felt like I needed cowboys boots, a hat and a drawl accent to go with the place. Mmmmmm…….to describe it better it has the feel of Frontierland at Disneyland! The view is absolutely gorgeous though if a couple decides to get married there.

See??? Gorgeous Orange County views!

Here are some western/cowboy like venue decorations.

Now, let’s get to serious business….here is the ceremony location. Can you imagine getting married here with the OC view in the background???

Reception location: sorry…couldn’t take too many pictures as a wedding was about to start but I’m sure you get the feeling of the place.

Y’all come back real soon! Y’a hear!

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