I’ve been very lucky…..

I’ve been very lucky in my pursuit to become a wedding planner. I have to say that: 1. I was able to get business cards at a very very cheap price (Holla to Gordon and Lily!!! Thank you guys for hooking me up!),  2. I got a very good price for my website especially on the style that I want (which I haven’t come around to finishing it…but I swear I will).

So far for the year 2010, I have had several inquiries on wedding planning. Even though I don’t get booked on all of them, I feel very blessed that a lot of people are considering me. The most exciting and luckiest thing happening to me is that I got booked this year for 2 weddings! (OK it’s not much but it’s a start) And get this…both brides are well-known in the wedding industry! What an honor that they both believe in me!

My first wedding booking is with Katie B., she is an amazing makeup artist! She does makeup and style hair for weddings, photo shoots, television, fashion shows, commercials, music videos, pageants, appearances, etc. I highly recommend Katie as a makeup artist if you are getting married. She is the resident makeup artist and hair stylist for Celebrity Catwalk AND the lead makeup artist and hair stylist for Playboy Enterprises. And on top of all that, she has her own makeup line!!! The girl really does it all so when she called me last year to see if I can work on her wedding, I was speechless…I mean no I wasn’t speechless because I had to give her my answer which was YES! YES! YES! My first reaction was OH MY GOODNESS….this is going to give me so much exposure! Frankly, making a profit wasn’t my priority but mainly getting my name out there so what better way than with Katie B. We are now in the process of discussing her wedding and all the little details that will go into it. I won’t divulge any of her juicy secrets from the wedding because well I like to keep the privacy of my brides. 😉 Once the wedding is done and over with, I will post pictures.

For now, you can enjoy her fantastic work on her website, facebook, and myspace. Below are some of Katie’s work on me 🙂

My second booking and FIRST signed contract (official!!!) is with Thao Vu. I have been a fan, admirer and following Thao’s work and blog for years now. She is a very talented photographer and I feel that she captures the emotions perfectly in her photos. She does wedding, engagement, and family photography. Her work really shows her passion and dedication. Also her candid photos are to die for!!! Make sure to check out her work.

When I found out on Thao’s blog last year that she was engaged; first, I was very happy for her. It’s very weird but I felt happy like she was my friend. Maybe because after following her work for so long, I felt like I knew her and connected to her. Also, I bookmarked her website and blog 😀 Second, I was wondering how it will feel like to coordinate her wedding. Several weeks later (I swear someone must have heard me up there! Thank you Little Jesus!), Thao emailed me and asked me about my rates as a wedding planner. I was so excited and giddy that I gave her pricing based on another wedding planner (which were pretty hefty). After I sent it out, I cursed myself for not thinking it through!!! What a mistake! I haven’t heard from her for a long time and who could blame her after seeing the ridiculous prices I gave her. Of course, now that I am almost certified, I have a better idea what my prices are. Thank Goodness!!! Along the way (mad at myself because I missed out on this opportunity), I kept following her work and blog. Her fiance and her did a very cute engagement photos in New York and a DIY save-the-date card. They also created a wedding blog, which I think is SO clever!!! It gives their family and friends an update on where they are in the wedding planning process, where and when the ceremony and reception is, who their bridesmaids and groomsmen are.

A few weeks ago, Thao contacted me again to reconsider my prices!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received her email. I was like “this is my second chance at redemption”…and after several exchange of emails, I was hired!!!! So lucky to be booked by another bride who is in the industry which means more exposure!!! I met with Thao and her fiance last Sunday and everything went amazingly well. To tell you the truth, I was kind of surprised at myself because I brought up a lot of things that the couple didn’t think of. *Little pat on my back* So proud of myself…..all this studying really paid off!

Here you can see a photo of her engagement shoot and a few of her work. Really, these photos don’t do her justice, you really have to check out Thao’s website. Couples should definitely consider booking Thao for their engagement, wedding or any special occasion in their life.

On a more personal note, I received an A+ for my Unit C…yay!!!! Also I am almost done with Unit D (last one of the course), I should be receiving *crosses fingers* the certificate by next month. 🙂 Of course, I will keep all of you updated on that.

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