Wedding Planner turns 30!!!

This post is definitely not wedding related but when the planner turns 30, it calls for a celebration!!! I turned the dreaded number 30 about 1 month and a half ago but was too preoccupied with my own wedding that I haven’t had the chance to blog about how I made my milestone memorable. I have to admit that I was a bit bummed out because my 30th birthday was too close to the wedding and wouldn’t be celebrated as it should. So to still make it special and fun, I decided to capture  jumping in my 30s at Disneyland! What better than the Happiest Place on Earth!!! I mean I only turn 30 once right???

Thao of Thao Vu Photography and I, have discussed about shooting my 30th birthday since I saw her blog about her 30th birthday shoot. We were brainstorming about location when I thought it would be awesome to capture it at Disneyland to show how 30 is just an number and all that matters is how I still feel young at heart. Besides…you can’t beat all of the colors there. As the days were getting closer to the photoshoot and I was submerged with wedding to-dos, I started panicking because I haven’t even figured out my outfits! Thank goodness that I received referral for the amazing stylist Karenza Kailee. After 2 meetings and a few hours at the mall, we ended up with 2 outfits for the shoot! All below $50 courtesy of Forever 21! Woohoo!!! I’ve enlisted the power of making me look pretty with makeup and hair from the sweet Anha Nguyen.

It was nice to have some alone time with Thao and getting to know each other more. We have worked together before (i.e. me coordinating her own wedding, side by side for a client wedding and her shooting our wedding) but during weddings, it’s not like we have time to chit chat about our personal lives 🙂 I knew there was a reason why I like Thao and we get along so well… she is super professional, caring, sweet and a fun-loving person. I’m glad I’ve been going to Thao Vu Photography for all of my special occasions.

All photos courtesy of Thao Vu Photography! Here are the result!

We started at Toontown!

When I first saw this photo, I barely recognized myself.

LOVE the colors at Toontown!

I kept telling Thao that I don’t know how to pose and she tells me to think of something happy because I am turning 30 afterall….at that point I was thinking: “please, let me make it through the last month before the wedding” hahahaha….

My friends will dub this one “Cheeky Kelly” 🙂

Ready to take over the world!

In front of Minnie’s house because it’s purple 🙂

Steve Madden shoes….

…Forever 21 dress!

After I posed like this…a lady did the same 🙂 I guess sometimes I do know how to pose

I’m going to sound a little vain here but there is something about this next picture that makes it very pretty!

In Minnie’s kitchen waiting to be served!

Having some fun with my Minnie ears!



Next, we hopped onto Alice In Wonderland teacup in another Forever 21 outfit.

I’m not much for these types of rides because I easily get dizzy :/ but it was so much fun!

I was aware the camera was pointed at my face so I tried to make an effort and show some enthusiasm.

One of my favorite photo!


Of course I had to take a photo with a purple tea cup!

Off to the Merry-Go-Round we go! I felt so much like a kid! It was awesome!

Sleeping beauty castle was closed that day 😦 but we made the best of it 🙂

I really do feel like a princess! That’s how Renrick calls me ❤

Hellooooo….long legs illusion!! Only a great photographer can make you look like you are 5’8 when you are actually only 5’2 🙂

I was laughing so hard here because Thao was taking photos in between each person that walked by!

I fell in love with this boy statue in the New Orleans square!!!

Isn’t he the cutest??

Finally, we went crazy and rode Big Thunder Mountain

I had a great great time at Disneyland for my birthday shoot…even with the weird looks I got from time to time because I was over-dressed 🙂 I highly recommend capturing all the milestone in your life. It’s worth the experience and memories. Thank you to Thao Vu Photography, Anha Nguyen, Karenza Kailee and my friend Amber Matas for making my 30th birthday even more special.

Final thought: being 30 is not that bad 😉

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