Kathy + Marion’s Wedding 6.11.22

While one team was working at the wedding in Anaheim, our 2nd team was in Irvine working on Kathy and Marion’s wedding. During the planning process, we knew that they will have a LOT of food and desserts. They certainly did not disappoint their guests. I was having a bit of FOMO since I wasn’t at their wedding to enjoy all their yummy treats. The real reason was, I wanted to see our past couple Rosa and Anthony and their children. Kathy is Rosa’s sister, that’s how they found us.
From Ying, Sr. Coordinator:

“I feel so honored to be able to be the senior coordinator on Kathy and Marion’s wedding in June.  It was a nice summer day to have a beautiful outdoor wedding! They are the sweetest, laid-back couple you will ever meet. Kathy was always so sweet during the meetings, and just let Kelly and the team guide her through the planning process. I can tell they were both attentive to each other and they knew exactly how they wanted their wedding to unfold. All the suggestions Kelly had, they took into consideration and asked questions if anything was not clear.  I loved working with them and making their dream wedding come to life.

I got to witness all the nerves in the beginning during their getting ready and first look. Their church union was so touching since Kathy’s brother married them. And finally, their reception was lovely, fun, and upbeat.

Their food selection was impeccable, that was the highlight of the wedding for me, they had great taste, everything was delicious and fun! This truly reflected them as a couple. They are foodies, and it showed. Everything was carefully selected. I had so much fun getting to know them through this process.

I wish them a lifetime full of love, happiness, joy! Thanks for having me!”

I was able to sneak out of my other wedding to come say hi to them and see how everything was going.

To end the night, they decided to have an intimate dance just the two of them to wind down on the festivities of the day.

It was the sweetest and best way to conclude their wedding day.

Our Senior Coordinator team who took care of Kathy and Marion throughout the day.

Photographer: Tony Tran Photography
Videographer: 8 Kinds of Smiles
DJ/Lighting: Hilo Productions
Wait Staff: Event Helpers LA
Bartenders: Nomad Cocktail Co
Late night: The Burnt Truck
KDWP Team: Ying, Christine, Leslie, Daisy and Ken

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