Wedding location #11

This place has a lush romantic garden for the ceremony and plenty of room for a memorable reception. One thing about the city of Laguna Beach is that they have a sound/noise curfew so if a couple decides to do a night reception, it will end at 11PM.

The entrance to the venue.

Fountain at the entrance. Did I mention I love fountains? 🙂 So serene and peaceful!

Looking at the back of the entrance. I love the gates and the flowing flowers falling down.

Place cards table….loving the mural in the back.

Stairs walking up to the ceremony/chapel area.

Ceremony area…so pretty and romantic.

The ceremony area is surrounded by lush plants like a garden.

View from the top of the ceremony down to the reception area. The location wouldn’t usually have the tent up but because it is winter, they put it up for the event they had that night.

The cake cutting station.

View of the reception area.

Sweetheart table.

After visiting this place, I thought it was a very beautiful venue for an intimate, romantic and lush garden feel wedding.  It’s definitely a good location for a spring wedding.

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