Wedding location #12

I hope everyone had a merry Happy Thanksgiving! Mine was filled with food and more food 🙂 Woke up early to cook on Thursday and was too lazy to wake up early on Friday for shopping. Saturday was 2 locations visit in Laguna Beach. Wedding location #11 and #12 are both sisters to the location #5 in Santa Ana.

This venue is perfect for the outdoor-sy couple as it is surrounded by mountains. The location was decorated for the holiday festivities and the tent was up for their night event. Starting May, the tent is removed and you can already picture the humongous outdoor wedding one can have.

The ceremony area.

I’m not sure if you can see the waterfall in the back. I was there taking a picture and imagining the waterfall sound when a couple will say their vow. Soooo…..dreamy!

Entrance to the reception area.

I love the chandelier in the middle of the tent.

See what I mean by surrounded by mountains?

Area where the cake will be displayed.

Now, on a more personal note, did I tell you guys that I finished my Unit B with an A- from the school? So much work was put into the homeworks and I’m glad I stuck through it all. Now I’m working on Unit C….and it is not a piece of cake. Much more difficult than I thought.

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