Presenting…..Kelly Duprat…Your CERTIFIED Wedding Planner!!!

Wow!!! All the hard work have paid off! Late nights and weekends studying, doing homework, researching and eating, thinking, behaving, sleeping like a wedding planner have come to fruition! (ha ha ha…I was about to write fruitation) I am very excited to announce that I am NOW  a CERTIFIED wedding planner. I did it!!! It feels soooo good to accomplish something I have been dedicated on being the best. I am a firm believer that when you start on a quest, you have to finish it by putting all your efforts into it even though you hit bumps along the road. I’m proud that I stuck through everything and decided to be certified. Technically, it is not necessary to receive a certificate in wedding planning if you want to become one but I thought: “why not go for a diploma?” (I’m such a geek!) There were so many schools out there to choose from but this one particular school stuck a cord in me. Since I have a Bachelor (B.A) in International Management, a Master (M.B.A) in International Business, it felt natural to be accredited as an International Wedding Planning Professional. ( 🙂 that sounded fancy!). Besides I wanted to be able to work on any wedding ethnicity so this was just perfect for me.

So after receiving my diploma, I got a frame, busted out pulled out my cap and gown from graduate school and did a little impromptu photoshoot!

A true graduate!

My fancy diploma wording, which is going to be hung right next to my other 2 diplomas: my life accomplishments! (My future children are going to have tough footsteps to follow hahahaha)

And then I decided to have a little fun….

Thank you to all my family, friends for your support on this journey!!!

1 thought on “Presenting…..Kelly Duprat…Your CERTIFIED Wedding Planner!!!

  1. Felicitations ma coupine!! Your photos are hilarious!


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