Our Wedding 9.10.11 – Part 2

Welcome back everyone to Part 2 of our wedding. Let’s jump right into it! πŸ™‚

First I have to say I am so glad I had a meeting with the bridal party the night before to go over the packed timeline. The guys knew they had a little bit of time before meeting us girls at the reception and get into the limo for the bridal party portraits, so they took that opportunity to drive to the tuxedo warehouse in Anaheim to remedy the tuxedo fiasco.

Early that morning, I was very worried because it was raining and wondered if we would be able to take pictures as planned. Thankfully, the skies cleared right on time for us to take beautiful photos at a magnificent location.

  Renrick, the coordinator, photographers and videographers headed out first to Mission at San Juan Capistrano for some groom’s portraits.

I posted so many pictures of myself in Part 1, it’s only fair that I post a few of my husband in Part 2 right?

Of course I pinned the boutonniere…who else?

The next 2 photos are probably my favorites of Renrick’s. Handsome, smiling and excited to see me?

We decided to do a First Look simply because I am all for it! Some might think it takes away from the emotion of the ceremony but it really doesn’t. The feelings are completely different since it is more intimate between the bride and groom instead of sharing it with everyone else around at the ceremony.

Setting up for the perfect shot for the First Look. I was so excited to see his expression!

I looked down a lot because I was trying not to trip on my dress. It kept falling on each side since I lost even more weight 2 days before the wedding!

I was trying really hard to hold it in but as soon as he held me, the water works just started flowing. Although I was very conscious that my makeup might be running πŸ™‚

Tissue anyone??

After all of the emotions, it was time for some portraits with the bridal party.

Our beautiful bridesmaids!!!

My Maid of Honor and friend…

My cousin…

My cousin…

My sister…

My cousin…

My friend…

Our handsome groomsmen!!!

Renrick’s Best Man and brother…

Renrick’s cousins…

Renrick’s friends…

My brother…

Our turn!!!

This might look like an easy pose but it was actually a bit difficult to lean back for me especially with the heavy dress.

Alumiq had a little bit of fun with us for the same day edit.

One of my favorites!

Having some fun with each of my girls.

Now the guys’ turn to have some fun.

Siblings love…and my brother the comedian.

I’ve always loved veiled shots so requested to have a few πŸ™‚

Paparazzi πŸ™‚

Some silhouette shots…

The Mission at San Juan Capistrano is such an amazing and beautiful location. We wanted to hit all the spots for photos as much as possible.

I absolutely L.O.V.E this spot! It reminds me of Europe, which seemed very appropriate for me πŸ™‚

Taking instructions from Anthony of Alumiq. Obviously, it took a while because some of us couldn’t figure out their right from their left. It was super fun!

Being silly with the boys…

Now it is time for Renrick and the girls to show what they have!

More photos of the girls and me. Sorry but the wedding day is more for the bride than the groom…I’m just being honest πŸ˜‰

A few more photos of Renrick and I before wrapping the shoot!

So happy how all the colors complemented each other….Good job to me! πŸ™‚

And it’s a wrap!!! Heading to the church to make it official in the eyes of God!


The wedding wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing team of vendors. This is probably the longest list of vendors ever! I just want to make sure everyone gets the credit that they deserve πŸ™‚

Ceremony: St. Callistus Catholic Church

Reception: Mon Cheri Restaurant

Florals: Cyndie Style

Videography: Alumiq Production

Photography: Thao Vu Photography

Photobooth: Instant Party Pix

DJ: DJZ Productions

Cake: Intricakes

Bride Hair & Makeup: Katie B

Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup: Anha Does Makeup

Mother of the bride hair and makeup: Gordon Banh

Ao Dai: Silk Image

Bride custom 3rd dress: Bride Culture

Transportation: American Parking & Limousine Services

Invitation, program, menu, table number: Beautiful & Creative Weddings

Photo album, sign-in scroll, crystal cube: Unique Photography

Monogram Lighting: AVM Entertainment

Chocolate Fountain: Chocolate Fountain 4 You

Cream puffs: Sweet Nothings

Wedding Coordinator: Christine Luong

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