Yannine + Glenn’s 10 Year Wedding Anniversary 6.30.18

Yannine and Glenn are long time friends of my husband. They didn’t originally have a lavish wedding so at their 10 year mark, they threw one big wedding anniversary surrounded by their family and friends. All the decorations were DIY by the bride and groom and we set almost everything up the night before. The food was ordered from different locations (their favorite places) and family and friends volunteered to pick everything up. It was one big family and friends gathering celebrating Yannine and Glenn.

From Winnie, Jr. Coordinator:

Yannine and Glenn’s BIG DAY wasn’t your typical wedding but rather their 10 YEAR wedding anniversary! They wanted to spend this special moment in time with all of their family, friends, and most importantly daughter, Celezte. 

For their special day the biggest thing they emphasized that they wanted was to make sure that they got to have FUN and enjoy everything with everyone. They weren’t too caught up in all the details and routine of your typical wedding. They were super sweet and laid back and simply went with the flow of things. As long as everyone and them were having fun that was all that mattered. 

Of course, on our side of things the day did not go without a few hiccups but that is expected when planning an event. Between receiving some late decor, late access to the venue, an issue with seating arrangements, and missing family we had our hand fulls. But that is why we are there.  Being quick on your feet when things go array comes with the territory.  Thankfully we were able to execute everything without disturbing the couple’s special day which allowed them to enjoy it all. 

With tons of food, dancing, and laughter Yannine and Glenn’s 10 year anniversary definitely was one, big party full of love for the happy couple. Hearing them say they had tons of fun by the end of the night reassured me that everything went well and that we did our job.  Knowing that is what puts a smile on our faces with a feeling of accomplishment. 

Peek-a-boo from Celezte, their daughter. 😀


In Memoriam Table.


Glenn and Yannine! Thank you for letting me be part of the planning journey with you and trusting our team to coordinate your 10 year wedding anniversary! To many more so we can celebrate every 10 years! Love you guys!

Ceremony: St. Polycarp Catholic Church

Reception: The American Legion Orange

Photography/Videography: Concepto Video Foto

DJ: DJ Foote

Florals: Santa Barbara Wholesale Flowers

Photobooth: Official DJ Wally

Lechon: Papa J Lechon

Cake: Jazmin Ramos

KDWP Team: Winnie, Tania, Vrisara

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