Christine + Collum’s Wedding 11.11.18

When one of our own team member gets married, you know it will look amazing! I’ve known Christine since I started KDWP. Back Story, I found Chrristine on a whim and entrusted her to be my wedding coordinator on our wedding. She’s really detailed and organized so when asked if she wanted to be part of KDWP team and she accepted, I knew we had a strong lead coordinator as part of our growing team.

Christine and Collum had a very intimate wedding surrounded by their family and close friends. Christine didn’t disappoint and made all of the floral arrangements out of paper herself a year and a half out from the wedding. She was on a mission and I heard several times that her hands and fingers hurt from making all of the flowers herself! Everything looked gorgeous and you can’t even tell they are made out of paper!

From Lily, Associate Coordinator: HOORAY! I was honored to have been able to coordinate day-of for Christine and Collum. Christine designed and made paper flowers for all of the bouquets, table decor, and boutonnieres! We loved it! We had a great team that day to share the sweet and fun moments between the tear jerking ceremony to the speeches and dancing the night away.

Always a planner/coordinator at heart. Christine can’t help herself but set things up herself on her own wedding day.

This is why we love Christine! Super down to earth and downing a bottle of beer!

Look how amazing these paper flower bouquets are! I am in awe by Christine’s talent and commitment on putting these together.

Love how Christine tucked in tissue paper inside the Bridesmaid’s bouquets! Such a nice intimate touch! 🙂

Did I mention that Christine makes custom cards on the side? She has a store on Etsy and commissioned custom cards! Follow her on @lifesmuse2 on Instagram! Her work is amazing!

All of the table number cards were hand made by Christine. Guests at each table wrote a sweet note to the couple so they can open them each year on their anniversary.

The KDWP team did a great job flipping from ceremony to reception with many details to accomplish.

In a few weeks, Christine and Collum are going to jump into the joy of parenthood and we can’t be more excited for them.

From Kelly: What a beautiful wedding! Christine, I can’t express how we appreciate you and how grateful we are to have you as part of our team. We love you dearly! We are so happy that you found your true love! Thank you Collum for sacrificing your weekends with Christine so she can do weddings! We wish both of you all the happiness in the world and we can’t wait to meet the new arrival in your family!

Ceremony + Reception: Dove Canyon Courtyard

Photography: Kortney Pham Photography

Catering: Colette’s Catering

DJ: Pure Fun Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Phamous Beauty

KDWP Team: Lily, Ken, Jenny, Carolyn

1 thought on “Christine + Collum’s Wedding 11.11.18

  1. Christine McLaughlin October 2, 2019 — 6:01 pm

    I love this team!!! Thank you for helping my vision come to life! I knew I could trust the KDWP Team and be stress free on the day of.


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