Wendie + Dondi’s Wedding 2.22.20

Before the lock down was ordered in CA, we had the pleasure of coordinating Wendie and Dondi’s wedding. We’re so happy that Wendie and Dondi trusted us to be part of their wedding. Upon talking to them, we knew their wedding would be beautiful and we couldn’t wait! The week of the wedding, we were watching the weather like a hawk! Of all the days, only Saturday had a high chance of rain and we were following the rain trajectory by the hour hoping it won’t be at the time the ceremony was set. We played it by ear and decided to keep the ceremony outdoor.

On top of the weather situation, there was a small incident in the kitchen so the whole venue had to evacuate. The Richard Nixon Library is a Federal building so they take these matters seriously. Thank God the rain stopped right on time while everyone were gathering outside the building. Once we were allowed to enter the building again, the venue staff and our KDWP team had to work fast to wipe down all of the chairs for guests to sit. We were lucky the sun was shining, who would’ve known from looking at the beautiful pictures that it was raining and we had that minor evacuation right before the ceremony took place.

Bonus perk: I’ve known Hanh Nguyen Photography for years, and it was our 1st time working together! She delivers outstandingly beautiful pictures.

Beautiful bridesmaids and stunning bride.


The stylish GQ handsome groom!

Anticipation moment.

Ballroom First Look.

Dzien from DJZ Productions doing his thang. Also, their lighting is always on point!

The couple had to go through a lot of these during their table greetings. It was definitely a fun night!

Joe’s Italian Ice as a treat for the guests.

Thank you Wendie and Dondi for allowing KDWP team to be part of your wedding day.

We hope your wedding day was as memorable for you as it was for us. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and many blissful years!

Videography: Encor Studio
Catering: Top Catering
DJ/Lighting/DanceFloor: DJZ Productions
Bride’s Makeup/Hair: skyqmakeup Tee-Hair
Photobooth: Viral Booth OC
Italian Ice: Joe’s Italian Ice
KDWP Team: Kelly, Tania, Ken, Daisy

2 thoughts on “Wendie + Dondi’s Wedding 2.22.20

  1. Hi Kelly, how nice of you to put these together I want to personally thank you for your outstanding work on my son’s wedding. You’re one amazing wedding planner . I was impressed with your work and how involved you were the days before the wedding and even more on the day itself. You and your team did such a good job.


    1. It was truly a pleasure Mrs. Mangahas. I am happy I was able to help alleviate the stress for Wendie and Dondi. I really enjoyed meeting you and your family. I hope you are all well.


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