Alexy + Jason’s Wedding 9.4.22

We had a whole year and a half to plan Alexy and Jason’s wedding. From touring all the venues in Orange County and booking all the vendors, it was truly a labor of love. We decided to book for a September wedding so it wouldn’t be too hot but it ended up being the hottest day of the week. Jason fell in love with Crevier’s new venue with all the classic cars lining up and it was not a typical wedding venue. Turning the car warehouse into a wedding venue was a bit of the challenge but we rose up to the occasion. Alexy and Jason wanted to do something different for their wedding by having food trucks catered and even McDonald’s as a late night snacks which was a total hit!
Love the Hollywood old school vibe. I’m really loving all of the timeless black and white photos from Alexy and Jason’s wedding.
Alexy driven in from a classic old car is one of the many highlights of the day.
Epic entrance by the Newlyweds!
Intimate last dance for Alexy and Jason as we conclude the night.
Alexy and Jason, it was so much fun planning the wedding with the both of you. I truly enjoyed getting to know the both of you and our endless texts!
So happy that we got to have this experience together. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and always plenty of laughter! I can still hear your laugh Alexy!
Photographer/Videographer: Michelle and Alexander
Makeup/Hair: Pink Unicorn Beauty
Lighting/Drapery: Alpha Event Entertainment
Welcome Photo/Photobooth: Photobooth3
Grazing Table: Lover Boards
Italian Ice: Joe’s Italian Ice
KDWP team: Ying, Lily, Vrisara, Ken

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