Tina + David’s Wedding 6.18.22 and 6.19.22

Our first full traditional Indian wedding and we couldn’t have asked for a better couple to experience it with. Tina, David and their family were really helpful in showing us all the cultural aspect that goes on with an Indian wedding. All the vendors were very helpful as by explaining what and showing us the ropes during the setup process. Everyone were very patient with us learning as we went along coordinating on both days. It really took a village to make a wedding happen.
Tina and David had a full 3-4 days wedding celebration but our team came in on the last 2 days for the ceremony and reception. Tina and David has a lot of D.I.Y for our team to setup on both days and everything turned out beautiful.
From Jr. Coordinator, Jenny Huynh:
“I first met Tina and David during my internship at the VA. I worked with David on a project and would see Tina around the hospital campus. We reconnected and I had the opportunity to be a part of their big day! It was our friendship coming back full circle.
Tina and David is the kind of couple who gives you a fresh breath of air, they embody kindness, joy, and have light hearted fun with everyone around them.
The wedding had everything; the flowers, D.I.Y decoration, beautiful outfits, food, drinks, and desserts but most of all there was love between two individuals who brought together two families and their friends. The best part of the wedding was the Baraat Ceremony. David rode in on a white horse with a crew of family and friends dancing in front of him, marking his path. During family exchanges, David’s brothers literally embraced Tina’s brothers and lifted them into the air. This all happened while Tina was hidden away and watched from the window.
I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day for such an amazing couple. I am so happy I was part of their big day and I can’t wait to continue watching their love flourish!”
David was expecting Tina for the First Look but he got Tina’s brothers instead.
Tina and David provided all of the aisle decoration and this backdrop. Our team put it all together for them.
Prince Charming following the Baraat. This is was definitely the highlight of the day for us.
Before the groom and guests can enter the ceremony, a prayer and family members on each side were to greet each other.
Just like the Chinese tea ceremony, the groom and groomsmen need to “pay” the bridesmaids before they can enter.
This was a very strict traditional ceremony where men and women needed to have their head covered with a scarf.
Full service from our Jr. Coordinator, Jenny
Sending the Bride and Groom off by giving them a “push”
End of Ceremony Day.
The next day, our team were busy setting up the reception with many D.I.Y from the couple.
I can’t decide if I like Tina’s outfit from the ceremony more or the reception more….I just love both of them!!! So much color and intricacies.
Giving our team a thumbs up for setting up the dessert table.
As a surprise for his new bride, David made a replica of Disneyland Main Street. The whole thing was super heavy and it even lights up!
The reception was just a big party with lots and lots of dancing. The dance floor was always busting with guests dancing throughout the whole night.
Thank you Tina and David for having us on your wedding. We truly appreciate your trust in having us. Thank you for teaching us about Indian wedding customs. We have learned so much in those 2 days celebrating with you. We wish you all the happiness and blessings in the world!
Decorations: KNK Entertainment
KDWP Team: Jenny, Winnie, Lily, Tania
Boba: CaliTea
KDWP Team: Jenny, Lily, Tania

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