Truc + Phat’s Wedding 7.9.22

We ventured all the way down to San Diego for Truc and Phat’s wedding after moving the date a couple of times dur to Covid. The majority of their vendors all come from Orange County which was nice for us to work with familiar vendors. Truc and Phat’s wedding was definitely a day to remember!
So many uncontrollable events occurred throughout the day but we pulled it through. I’m not sure I want to re-hash all the unfortunate mishaps on the day of but I have to say that the venue was 100% one of the most difficult one we have worked at. At one point, I wanted to curl up in a corner and cry but I had to pull it together and work my “magic” by staying cool and collected in order to direct the wedding like nothing happened. In the end, I’m glad that Truc and Phat had a great time at their wedding surrounded by their family and friends.
Poor Truc, it was so windy on the pier that day and she is so tiny. I felt that she was going to fly away with her long veil.
You wouldn’t know by looking at pictures that we went through a major disaster prior to letting guests enter the reception. I have family in San Diego so I called in the little cousins for reinforcement since there was so much to set up. Everything looked like nothing happened right? We were way behind schedule but I was determined to make everything looks as seamless as possible.
End of the wedding, we had to leave the place spotless and we needed to be the last one leaving after all vendors strike. Truc and Phat were such troopers and cleaned up the place with us. Lily and I were the last ones out at 4am to head back to OC. It was a long 24 hours of no sleep but it was totally worth it!
Thank you Truc and Phat for sticking with us through thick and thin (literally from COVID, vendor issues, venue issues and all that happened on the day of). Thank you for trusting and allowing us to make your wedding a reality. We wish you all the joy and happiness in the world with many travels, food and pictures!
Photographer: Eric Kieu Photography
Videographer: Encor Studio
Catering: Hott Catering
Bartender: Bartini’s 2 U
Photobooth: the SD Photo Guys
KDWP Team: Lily, Jenny, Tania, Leslie

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